Melbourne Subjective : An anthology of contemporary Melbourne writing, 2014

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Published works by R. J. King:

Sylvia Rose: an Australian Story

(published by Strageic Book Publishing And Rights Company USA 2013)

Sylvia Rose is based on a true story. It is a saga, covering fifty years in the lives of Sylvia Rose and her husband, Jim. Sylvia Rose is a bright, ambitious girl who is thwarted at every turn by life’s circumstances and the misogynistic mores of the time. She encounters a downward spiral, sometimes of her own doing, resulting in a life unfulfilled. Jim, her patient partner, slips easily into the accepted male model of the times. Other characters include Maud Patterson, Sylvia Rose’s loving mother and Jim’s neurotic mother, May Simpson, with issues of her own. Two dysfunctional children and one relatively normal child completes the family. The structure of ‘Sylvia Rose’ is unconventional with R.J.King employing metafiction, stream of consciousness and scripted passages.

Cost: $25

Another Winter’s Tale

(published by Eloquent Books USA 2010)

Written in flashback and flash forward sections, ‘Another Winter’s Tale’ concerns the implosion of a relationship. The central characters are John Davis and his wife, Melissa Davis. The action takes place over one decade with the backdrop to the story being the social environment which touches on the Women’s Liberation Movement and its effect on the roles of men and women. It also touches on the less overt, but prevalent issues around gay life and the AIDS crisis. All characters encounter, radiate and interact with the central character of John Davis.

Cost: $15

Selected Works

(published by Lavender Hill Multimedia 2008)

A publication of selected works over a period of some fifteen years. It covers a range of themes – relationships and family, travel, foreign as well as local places, feelings, gay themes and education. Robert also employs a range of genres, structures, dramaturgical modes, styles and a full tonal register demonstrating a control and flexibility of language use.

Cost: $10